6 Labour Tables where 6 delivery can be done at a time in Labour Room which is equipped with NST Machine,Dopplers & Monitors. Operative cases performed are TAH, TVH, Laparotomy, Abdominal TL, D&C, Cervical Encirclage, LSCS and many more.


    A 20 bedded Pediatric Ward of which 4 bedded Pediatric ICU and 12 bedded NICU well equipped with monitors etc... Patients of Thalassemia, Convulsion, CA,TBM, RTA, PEM and many more are treated.


    Computed Radiography System and radiological procedure.Manual Plain X-ray Machine,Ultrasonography with color doppler 2D echo & 3D facility.Portable USG Machine for doing beside USGs. Spiral C.T. Scan Unit.


    10 bedded well equipped NICU with 5 Ventilators, 4 CPAP Machines, 5 Phototherapy, 10 Warmer, 5 SPO2 Machines. Patients of Low Birth Weight,Meconium aspiration,Distress and many more are treated.


    10 bedded Mental Health Ward bifurcated into 5 bedded(Male) & 5 bedded(Female).Facilities like EEG, Biofeedback & ECT.Patients of severe alcoholism, any other addictions, Convulsions, Depression and many such are traated.Continuos Education & Counseling is been done.Regular training programme to Community Health Workers Teachers,Medical Officers are being done to empower them in Mental Health Care delivery in community.


    Fully equipped with 5 OTs with 8 tables in total dedicated separately to Gynecology, Surgery, Orthopedics, Opthalmology & Septic OT, located ideally near emergency Medical Services, Surgical ward,Labour Room & CSSd. Equipped with Ventilators, Multipara Monitors, C Arm Machine, Defibrillator, Endoscope, Arthoscope, Under Water Cautery Machine, Phacoemulsification, Microscope, Electric Dermatome,Flash Autoclave, Laproscopic, Abdominal and Urology Surgeries, Plastic Surgery,Neuro surgery,Knee Replacement Surgery, Hip replacement Surgery and all type of Spine surgeries.