("Healthcare @Your Finger Tips")

Interaction between patients and physicians through the use of electronic tools for health related purposes has been defined as “e-Aarogya”. e-Aarogya is considered the most appropriate situation to improve the quality and safety of health care with the use of latest information and communication technology to meet the need of citizens, patients, doctors, health care providers etc.

Purpose and Priorities of the Initiative
To address the health need of local population by providing timely specialized health care service that is holistic, easy to access, multi-disciplinary and flexible outreach work. Thereby e-aarogya is to integrate and ensure seamless work flow of hospitals and Public Health institutions in Dadra & Nagar Haveli administration through automation of workflow of the participating departments to offer quality and timely health care services, for the entire tribal population of the union territory.


  • Improvement of patient services and simplifying the task of the doctors and other service providers.

  • System Should be able to replace the manual data entry followed in many of the subsystems and then promote a seamless flow of data between all levels in the organization.

  • System should be able to generate the report in required format for subsystems like RNTCP, IDSP, NVBDCP, NLEP, Blindness Control and share to NIC application via web services or through specific formats.

  • System should be able to provide a web interface to report data for Disease surveillance, RCH Monitoring etc.

  • Centralized control over the materials systems to keep track of inventory, consumption, purchase and distribution of materials at the various hospitals and primary health organizations.

  • Improvement in efficiency through reduction of turn around time and effort in laboratory and other diagnostic services.

  • Reduction of efforts in collection, collation and analysis of data in the public Health Management information system.

  • Providing immediate feedback to the primary healthcare providers including CHCs, PHCs, SCs, dispensaries and ASHAs.

  • Maintenance of up-to-date staff details and service Records.

  • Timely Generation of statistical Reports on national Programs.

  • Alerts mechanisms for initiating time critical activities for disciplinary actions etc.

  • Budget allocation & monitoring.

  • Payroll computation, Financial Accounting.

  • Auditing and monitoring of audit reports.

  • benefits

  • Centralized data storage and retrieval.
  • Elimination of duplication of similar information at every stage.

  • Convenience through streamlined system and the availability of right information at the right time.

  • Simultaneous retrieval of information from all the departments.

  • Substantial reduction in administration and communication costs.

  • Reduction of the waiting time of patients at the counters for the registration, Admission etc.

  • Better control of the registration, Admission and Follow-up visit of patients.

  • Availability of statistical and analytical reports related to diseases and the affected areas.

  • Better housekeeping of Medical records.

  • Standardization of the working procedure at all SVBCH.