Mental Health well being is an integral part of health and Mental health is not only absence of mental disorder but also maintaining the mental well being.

Considering this for holistic health of Dadra and Nagar Haveli Mental health services for community was observed to be needed with efforts of UT administration in this regard under national mental health programming silvassa, this district was selected for district mental health programme in year 2007, in 10th year plan.

Starting journey from a single room OPD to a separate psychiatric wing observed various developments in facilities and rendered holistic psychiatric treatment in December 2010 a separate psychiatric wing named Manochikitsa Kendra having separate OPD and10 bedded IPD facilities was inaugurated by State Home minister and dedicated to Dadra and Nagar Haveli Community.


    Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotic Social Worker and staff allures rendering their services round the clock giving complete therapeutic services. the patient.


    10 bedded facilities is available. The ultimate goal of hospitalizations management of acute stage, short term hospitalizations and rehabilitation in community. The patients enjoy open spaced active, structured stigmafree atmosphere in manochikitsa Kendra and adjacent open temple area.20-30 patients take benefits

Therapeutic Facilities

    EEG, ECT, Psychotherapy, behavior therapy, available. The only EEG(Electro Encephalogram) facility in Dadra and Nagar Haveli at Manochikitsa Kendra is serving for all Dadra and Nagar Haveli Community people for diagnosis and these by mangling epilepsy. Electro convulsive therapy with modern brief pulse wave technology isan asset in mental health of psychotic disorders.

    • The modern computerized bio feedback is providing stress relief and relaxation therapy for patients.
    • The behavioural therapy machine is giving aversive therapy , brain polarization etc.
    • The various psychological tests , iQ and personality assessments are done.
    • Children Mental retardation are assessed & under PWD in coordination with DDRC.

    • The only EEG (Electro encephalogram) facility in DNH at Hanochilats kendra is saving for all DNH community people for diagnosis and these by managing epilepsy.

    • Electroconvulsive therapy with modern brief pluse wave technology is an assest in management of Psychotic Disorders.
    • The modern computerized bio deed bach is providing stress management and reaction therapy for patients.
    • The Behauouzal therapy machine is giving aversive therapy , Brain polarization etc.
    • The various psychological instruments, tests, DQ and personality assessment are done.
    • Children mental retardationare assessed, certified under PWD act in coordination with DDRC.

Community Activities
    Throughout year various IEC activities for community people for awareness about psychiatric disorder and mental health, destigmatigation.various training programmers are arranged throughout year for medical officers, community health workers and community people in this year we have celebrated. In month of April celebrated Alcohol awareness month at Dudhani

    1)celebration of Schizophrenia day.

    2) camp at Gunsa and Bildari

    June – celeberated International Against drug abuse and illicit trafficking on 26th june at SSR College

    July – Training programme for health workers

    August- Coducted stress management programme for health sector personnel.

Message to People
    Mental can happen to anyone. Deviation in thinking, emotions, cognition or perception may be illness and the treatment is available at Manochilaitsa Kendra, Shri Vinoba Bhave Civil Hospital Silvassa.For more information one may meet personally.