Aims & Objective

    1. To prevent new HIV infection.
    2. Targeted Intervention project for high risk groups
    3. Care Support & Treatment
    4. Create awareness through different different IEC activities.


To prevent new infection, provide STD services to the high risk group; also provide condoms for safe sex practices, distribution of safe blood for the recipient. Implementation of targeted intervention, Counseling & testing of HRGs and ANC population of DNH. Education to adolescence and youth through SAEP and college talk programme. Training and Mainstreaming with different department of DNH.

Integrated Counseling & Testing Services

Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre was established in Nov. 2001.The Centre is having a facility with pre/post testing Counseling available at Room No.28 , at Shri Vinoba Bhave Civil Hospital, Silvassa. Two Trained Counselors posted at ICTC. Confidentiality maintain strictly at ICTC centre. HIV positive persons are followed up regularly and counseling service done for the healthy life of the persons living with HIV/ AIDS. In ICTC patient are coming voluntarily, through OPD, Indoor Ward, and referral from periphery areas.

Link ART center

Started in Shri Vinoba Bhave Civil Hospital in June 2009. Our center is attached with ART Centre, Valsad Civil Hospital. This facility is avail by the HIV Positive Persons having low CD4 count cells. They are put on Anti Retro virus Treatment (ART) as per the Physician concern at ART Centre , Valsad.

Blood Safety

In our Union Territory One blood bank is functioning at Indian Red Cross Society with the Collaboration of State AIDS Control Society. IRCS blood bank is getting grant in aid from SACS every year for the consumable, kits, reagent etc. Being the only one Blood bank there is increasing demand for the blood from private as well as government institute in neighboring other district of other state.

NACO had sanctioned one Blood Component Separation Unit (BCSU) for DNH SACS thorough we can provide the specific need of like platelets, whole blood, pack cell etc for the different type of patient like dengue, anemia, burns patient, thelesemia etc. By this facility area of Gujarat adjoining to DNH like Vapi, Bhilad, Umargaon, Sanjan, and also UT of Daman are getting the benefits of it.

Targeted Intervention

In UT of Dadra and Nagar Haveli one NGO (Dinbandhu Youth Welfare Trust) going to work on Targeted Intervention Project for High Risk Group like Migrants and truckers. Essential elements of targeted intervention included are access to behaviour change communication (including outreach and peer education), prevention services (condoms, STI services), treatment services (STI) and creation of an enabling environment at project sites (including an atmosphere of motivation to adopt and sustain safe behaviours)

Information Education Communication

IEC conducted in all areas of UT of DNH through Mass media, Mid Media and Print Media .Training & Mainstreaming with different Department ,Colleges and School is going on . Advocacy and sensitization Programme are also continued .Folk Media is also involved in the extensive IEC in U.T of Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

STI / RTI services

UT has one Designated STD clinic providing STI/RTI Services at Room No.28 B at Shri Vinoba Bhave Civil Hospital , silvassa. One Counselors is appointed in STD Clinic. Patients have been provided with pre-packed STI/RTI - kits, supply from NACO. Patients from Indoor, OPD, Wards ,and Referrals from periphery area are treated in STI/RTI Clinic.

Sentinel Surveillance

This is the Annual activity for the specific period as per the NACO guidelines for the specific target group like ANC patient to determine the prevalence of HIV positivity in General Population in specific area. One ANC site is in district Hospital VBCH, Silvassa.

Positive prevention programme

On 22nd March 2006, Dadra and Nagar Haveli network of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) was formed. The network came across many issues related to their family, their spouse, their financial condition, and their problems come around their staying. Mostly the HIV positive status is not disclosed to any one without permission and the interest of persons, but by the pressure from family and relatives they disclose the status and the problems starts. During different support group meeting, this topic was discussed and it was felt that the network should work for this. During discussion many query raised like who will disclosed the status? After long discussion it was decided that the person himself / herself will decide to disclose the status as per the situation.