A Sub-Health Centre (Sub-centre) is the most peripheral and first point of contact between the primary health care system and the community. All “Minimum Assured Services” or Essential Services as envisaged in the Sub-centre are available, which include preventive, promotive, few curative and referral services and all the National Health Programmes. In Dadra & Nagar Haveli at present there are 51 sub-centers.

Existing Sub-Centres in Dadra & Nagar Haveli:

Sr.No. Subcentres Type of Infrastructure Proposed
1 Khadoli Type B
2 Amboli Attached to PHC
3 Bedpa Type B
4 Kherdi Type B
5 Chikhli Type B
6 Kudacha Type B
7 Surangi Type B
8 Dapada Attached to PHC
9 Velugam Type B
10 Chisda Type B
11 Karchuand Type B
12 Pati Type B
13 Besda Type B
14 Vasona Type B
15 Gunsa-Bildhari Type B
16 Mandoni Attached to PHC
17 Chauda Type B
18 Rudana Type B
19 Rakholi Attached to CHC
20 Khanvel Attached to SDH
21 Masat Attached to PHC
22 Sayli Type B
23 Samarvani Type B
24 Sindhoni Type B
25 Shelti Type B
26 Dayatfalia -
27 Galonda Type B
28 Amli-Gandhigram -
29 Naroli Attached to PHC
30 Baldevi Type B
31 Silvassa Attached to VBCH
32 Vasda Type B
33 Umarkoi Type B
34 Amboli Attached to PHC
35 Dudhani Attached to PHC
36 Kauncha Type B
37 Morkhal Type B
38 Athola Type B
39 Nana Randha Type B
40 Bonta Type B
41 Luhari Type B
42 Umarvani Type B
43 Dhapsa Type B
44 Dadra Type B
45 Mota Randha Attached to PHC
46 Sili Type B
47 Athal Type B
48 Ultan Falia -
49 Bavisa Falia -
50 Demni Type B
51 Parzai Type B

(The department proposes to commission 11 New Sub-centers (Apti, Karad, Chinchpada, Bindrabin, Karajgam, Kherarbari, Khedpa, Tighra, Falandi, Sayli(2 nos))